Our Story

Welcome to Yaatook.com
Yaatook.com is a leading provider of accommodation services in Makkah and Madinah. It offers its own online booking services including localized websites and call centers.
Yaatook.com offers travelers a wide range of accommodation options available on the Internet, including both independent hotels and major hotel chains, as well as self catering services within the facility in more than hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world. The company also provides a single shopping source that offers hotel prices, available amenities and availability of accommodation, and also specializes in providing accommodation for travelers during room check-in periods.
Yaatook .com L.P. Is part of EXPEDIA GROUP for travel companies. *

Our mission

Yaatook HOLDING name and shiny in the market of services of domestic tourism in Saudi Arabia and serve the guests of the House of Allah and visitors to the Mosque of Prophet Mohammed and which characterizes the Yaatook a staff job with a long experience in this field more than fourteen years of experience and readiness to fully meet all your needs and all Middle east and international markets.
And is available in (Yaatook HOLDING ) to serve several sections, including: ( Reservation Department / Transportation Department / Operations Department / Hajj Department)

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